What is Mudjacking?

Whether it’s for aesthetic appeal or for safety, keeping your property in good condition is a must for homeowners in Kansas City. You want your home to stand out from the others in your neighborhood and you want to ensure every visitor to your home is safe.

Raised concrete slabs in your walkway can adversely impact the exterior of your property. It also poses a hazard to those walking on it. The costs for replacing these pieces of concrete can be expensive and time-consuming. Mudjacking is an efficient and affordable solution that can quickly improve faulty slabs. Interested in learning more about this process? Keep reading to discover all you need to know. 

Concrete Mudjacking or Concrete Leveling?

Concrete mudjacking and concrete leveling are two terms that are used interchangeably. They both represent the same process, which involves adjusting off-balanced or sunken concrete slabs so they are level. Particularly, mudjacking works to reposition flooring, creating a surface that is smooth and un-jagged.

Mudjacking acquired its name, principally because it used mud as a part of the process. Mud, in addition to other materials, was used to elevate or “jack up” the foundation beneath the concrete flooring that lost its strength over time. This process has proven to be quite successful and has been adopted as a solution for repairing sagging, and fractured slabs.

What is the Process for Mudjacking in Kansas City?

Any flooring that has a concrete slab, whether a patio or walkway, can be corrected. With mudjacking, holes are drilled into the sinking foundation. A mixture comprised of cement or limestone aggregate is used to fill the cavities, causing the decline. As a result, the area of the concrete that is sinking is then raised, offering a flat, levelled appearance.

Concrete levelling offers a permanent solution that enhances the strength of foundations. The advantage of using this method is that it does not require massive excavation. It is not an aggressive procedure that involves excessive plowing, which can impact the surrounding areas. Instead, it is a non-invasive procedure that still maintains the integrity of the slab and other neighboring areas. 

How Much Does Mudjacking Cost?

In addition to the immediate results it affords, mudjacking is not as costly as some may assume. Rather, its price depends on the size of the project, condition of the foundation, and the length of time it may take to complete. Generally, mudjacking costs less than other projects, and it can be completed in less time.

According to Homeadvisor, the typical price range for this project ranges from $300 – $1400. However, only sizable projects with excessive damage to the sub-floor will be subject to prices that exceed $1400. 

Who Needs Concrete Leveling?

Some of the most telltale signs of a declining foundation are sagging and uneven floors. Outdoors, the appearance of disjointed concrete flooring provides a clear indication. It implies that the earth beneath is sinking, and it is unable to offer any more support.

A weak foundation can stem from a variety of issues. These can include plumbing leaks, damaging storms, poor drainage, improperly compacted soil and many other issues. When these problems occur, the soil foundation is transferred or washed away. As a result, unwanted spaces or voids are created, which impact its strength.

What Are the Benefits of Mudjacking?

When you have mudjacking performed on your property, you will get the results you need without many of the issues caused by other services. You can expect a range of benefits that include:

  • Saving money over more complex services
  • Fixing the real cause of the problem for lasting results
  • A clean and efficient solution with a quick clean up
  • No need to try and match the concrete shade or color
  • It is an eco-friendly repair
  • Short time frame before you can use the area

KC Waterproofing Offers Mudjacking in Kansas City

Have you noticed that your pathway is uneven? Are there fractures and slabs of concrete that have been raised? Are you looking for contractors in Kansas City that have experience with high-quality concrete mudjacking? Here, at KC Waterproofing, our team of professionals is capable of providing this service. 

For years our team has been helping homeowners repair irregularities in their foundation. With our level of experience, we can assess foundational issues and fix the problems at hand. Our technicians are adequately trained and capable of providing the most effective solutions. Are you ready to repair your walkway? Contact KC Waterproofing for all your mudjacking needs.


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