Tune-up Your Heating or Air Conditioning System

Get a tune up on your heating or air conditioning system every year.


I am glad you asked…

Heating and Cooling systems used to be built like tanks. You could abuse them, not maintain them, and they lasted a while.

Not true today. With the requirements on manufacturers to get the most efficiency from systems, they have many more components. They are built differently to get that efficiency but it comes at a price where they need a lot more TLC (tender loving care) these days.

Let me ask you this question:

Do you go the the Doctor/Dentist at least once per year? Most of us do. We feel healthy but know it is in our best interest to do so. We do this because we care about our health and it’s just good practice.

Of course, we don’t want there to be any problems during the check up and lab work. We wait cautiously for all the results to come back.

We can’t do what doctors and dentists do. They have the education. We do not. So we make our appointment and get checked out.

The same is true of the equipment in your home.

The heating and air conditioning system is the most expensive equipment in your home. Small problems (the ones you don’t know about) can become bigger problems if not put in check regularly.

Your cooling and heating equipment will run even if you abuse it by not having it cleaned regularly until finally, it must give up on the hottest or coldest day of the year when most companies have full schedules (Murphy’s Law).

Let’s be honest. We change the filter and feel good (I hope). We are taking care of our system by the only means we have the power to do as a homeowner.

There are motors moving, relays clicking, parts heating up and cooling down, and a multitude of other components that have wear and tear.

Example: A capacitor not performing to specifications can be easily replaced. If left unchecked, it could burn out your fan motor too. A simple repair becomes a way more expensive repair. This happens all the time.

I have experienced clients who book a tune up because the system doesn’t seem to be working very well. Maybe it isn’t working at all and the hope is a tune up will fix the problem…

I hope so and sometimes that is true. I wish the same for you.

I wish I could tell you with absolute certainty that with regular check ups you will not have equipment failures. I cannot.

Equipment has moving parts and your Service Expert can only diagnose what they see the day they are in your home.

I can tell you that many a large repair has been avoided during a regular check up for thousands of homeowners just like you.

Final Thoughts 

Find a company you trust that has a membership plan and get on it. Companies with membership plans usually have a system in place to complete a full check up on your systems components. Many also clean the coils as part of that service.

If you don’t know what company to use, ask your neighbors who they use. Ask who they trust. Not just a friend who does it on the side but someone who will perform a complete check on your system every time.

Once you choose a company, make sure they spend more than 30 minutes performing the tune up and evaluating your system. I can tell you from first hand experience to perform this properly takes 45 minutes to an hour.

The Service Expert should present you with a complete Report Card on your system and go over each item so you know exactly how your system is performing.

Please do yourself a favor and get regular check ups. You will have peace of mind.


Author: Bill Fortner

Company: Blue Label Services



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