Transform Your Backyard Into Something Special With These 3 Simple Steps

You come home from a hard day at work. You’re tired. You’re tempted to just flop down on the couch in front of the TV. But as soon as you get home, sometimes happens. You walk into your backyard and are instantly transported to a beautiful oasis that instantly melts the stress away.

Many backyards in the suburbs tend to the look the same: a deck, some grass, and maybe a swing set for the kids or grandkids. But now, thanks to some simple design elements, you can transform your “cookie-cutter” backyard into an urban oasis that will make your neighbors jealous.



No matter what size of backyard you have, you probably don’t use it as one big, grassy space. Chances are, the kids play over here and you have some lawn chairs over there, and no one but the dog uses the middle. While that might seem like the most practical option, it’s also the plainest.

Instead, think “zones”. Think of the various common usages of your backyard and divide your yard into those areas: you’ve got a play zone for the kids; a dinner and barbecue zone for eating; a seating area and fireplace for the grown-ups; a wide-open area for the dog to run. Maybe you have other areas, too—like a small area for you and your spouse to have coffee in the morning before your day starts, or flower and vegetable garden for those in your family with a greenthumb. It doesn’t matter how big your backyard is; instead, start with the ways you most frequently use (or want to use) the space.


Most backyards are shaped rectangular or triangular. And most homeowners start with that pattern and design their backyard activity zones in linear straight lines and right-angles to the property line. Instead, think of each zone in an organic shape, with its size and shape influenced by its use: the grownup area might be circular with the fireplace in the middle; the play area might be shaped like a kidney bean with the swing set on one side and an open play area on the other.


Each zone should get its own border and landscaping. For example, the seating area for the adults might be surrounded by a small hedge, and the area itself might be covered in river-washed pebbles. Or, the play area for kids might have a simple black plastic edging with the whole space filled with woodchips. Each area should have its own look and feel, and as you move from one zone to the next, you should feel like you’re in a completely different area.


Creating a beautiful backyard is surprisingly simple if you follow these three steps. In no time at all you’ll have a beautiful oasis backyard that will become the envy of your friends and neighbors! And the best part is, this approach can work with any budget or size of backyard. All it takes is some imagination!

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