The Snap Crackle Pop of Surge Protection

Over the course of years we have experienced the benefits of good quality home surge protection.

These strips have more requirements in today’s times than when they were first introduced and a regulatory requirement was placed on them in August of 1998. Today’s homes have multiple electronic devices that will be destroyed with the slightest surge. It can range from your microwave oven to as unforeseen as the control board in your homes heating system.

The main panel protection will prevent the surge from entering the entire home and absorb the surge and self destruct in order to prevent damage from happening to your home. The device will have an indicator light on it to confirm that it is working and not self terminated.

The strip “surges” that are purchased in most stores need to be identified with a UL label, and have a good protected equipment warranty. I have found that most of these strips are just an extension of plugs and not in fact a surge protection device.

The other items I have identified over time are that the homeowner only places one of these strips at the appliance and not at the point of entry—the main electrical panel. We need to keep in mind that we always need two points of protection—your main panel and then your surge strip. These two items will allow you much better protection than typical units on your electrical lines. The other item we need to consider is that surges can come through your telephone lines and your cable lines. These surges will destroy your computers and tv modems.

Author: Ted Puzio
Company: Southern Trust Home Services, Inc.

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