Tips For A Proper Service Call

What does a proper cooling or heating service call look like?

What should I expect from my technician?

We believe that each service call should include a complete system inspection with 20 to 30 points checked and recorded as part of the service call.

This is what you should expect from a good company and a good technician.

Most importantly, the company you choose should perform a proper evaluation of your systems operation and share the results with you. Not just hand you a piece of paper but actually go through each one with you verbally. 

If you get an invoice that doesn’t have much information you should quiz the technician on what else was checked as part of the service call.

Ask for the documentation.
If you have a “no cool”, of course you want the problem identified and cooling back as quick as possible.

You’re miserable!

A proper service call includes much more than just identifying and fixing the problem you’re having. That problem could be the result of other issues in the system.

Our Doctor’s ask for a complete lab report to determine if there are any underlying factors that could be causing us to feel bad. The same is true for one of the most expensive operating systems in your home, the cooling and heating system.

I have seen too many times where a problem was identified, fixed, the customer charged the repair fee and the technician left and DID NOT evaluate the rest of the system. 
The next day, they are back out fixing another problem, not related to the problem the day before, AND another charge to fix it. Maybe another trip fee too! Problems that could have been identified the day before if a complete system inspection was done.

When this happens, it’s frustrating, you and your family are hot or freezing, and it cost you time you don’t want to give up AGAIN! You just want the pain to go away.
Hold the company you use accountable. Ask for the report card or system evaluation sheet from your technician. Most good companies will ensure there is one completed on every call.

You should expect the highest level of service from any company you allow into your home. Pre-screen them before hand if you have never used them before.

Look for things like these:

1. Are they licensed?
2. Are they insured?
3. Do they perform background checks and drug screens?] 4. Do they have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau and are they accredited?
5. How much experience do they have?
6. What kind of guarantees and warranties do they have?
7. Do they present themselves professionally? Uniformed and good looking trucks are a sign they mean to be around for a while.

It is tough to find that one company you can trust. I get it. So many just want to sell you something but don’t explain it very well or back it up with actual findings and written results. The company you choose needs to serve you and your family. Take care of you and your home.



Author: Bill Fortner

Company: Blue Label Services



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