Questions to Ask When Hiring a Service Company

Over the years, we have talked with thousands of clients.  Many times, we hear, “I don’t trust what this other company told me”, or “I feel like I need a second opinion…the pricing this other company gave me doesn’t seem right”, and the most common, “I still have this problem, but I don’t want the other company coming back to my home”. 

When you realize you have a plumbing, drain, heating or cooling issue, you may get a referral from a friend or family member.  More often these days, people look at reviews and social media.

There are so many options and “deals” out there, so what it comes down to is this:  Who is being honest?  Who can I trust in my home?  Do they really know what they’re doing?  Are they trying to sell me up or do I really have a bigger issue?

This article is designed to help simplify the process of hiring a service company by doing a little research and asking companies a few simple questions.


  • When searching Google, look at all the ratings and reviews.

5-star reviews are a great way to find out details of certain aspects of what clients may be looking for in a service company. 

1- and 2-star reviews is nothing a company ever wants, but unfortunately nobody is perfect, so looking at those reviews is important too.  Why?  See how the company responded.  Did they take care of the concern?  Did they respond at all?  Was the response indicative of how you would want a problem taken care of? Are there a lot of complaints?  Are the complaints related to the same issue?


  • Research the company by looking up the Secretary of State company issuance of the state their business resides in.

This will ensure that the company is legitimate within the state.


  • Is the company licensed in the city you reside in?

Service companies travel to different cities and townships to perform work.  Each entity has their own license process.  If the company is in a different city than you reside, make sure they are licensed to do the work where you live.


  • How long have they been in business?

This may be important when making considerations as you want to be confident that the company has longevity and stability.  They are not going anywhere.  Should anything happen down the road, that company will still be around to handle any type of warranty work.


  • Do they have experience? How long have your service experts been in the trade?

Make sure your service expert will have the right tools, knowledge, and skillset to perform the work you need completed in your home.  For our company, an expert is one who not only has the skills to complete the work, but they also adhere to our core values and know that our client’s safety and comfort comes before anything else.  They are there to take care of you, not make an extra buck.


  • Do they have knowledge of city requirements?

When it comes to larger work, such as excavation, is the company able to pull their own permits!? Do they know how to keep the site safe and how to do the work correctly in order to pass inspection?


  • Will the expert explain the problem he sees so that you understand it?

When a doctor or an accountant talks to you, you may ask them, “Can you speak my language, please?”  You need to fully understand what is happening in your home.  Experts should spend time explaining the problem with you in a way that you understand it.


  • Will the expert go over options with you?

Not every problem has only one option.  You as the client want options and you want your service expert to go over them with you to make the best decision.  This also comes with experience and your expert knowing how to fix a problem so they can provide these options.


  • Did you feel comfortable after you booked an appointment with the company?

Having a service expert that knows and does everything we talked about above is very important, but how do you feel about the customer service?  Every aspect of a company must make you feel that you are in good hands.  Communication throughout the process is crucial as this tells you the communication within the company is sound as well.


Nothing is more important than you and your family’s safety and comfort.  These simple tips will help you make the right decision of who you welcome in your home. 

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Author: Heather Mansell, President and CEO of Full Nelson Services

Company: Full Nelson Services Inc.


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