How To Prevent A Ticking Time Bomb In Your Home…

Darryl Simon, co-owner of Service Experts was cited as the Melbourne plumber documenting the issue of burst flexible hoses online.

“For many years we have been attending to flooding in properties that causes thousands of dollars damage to the property, treasured belongings and lengthy insurance claims”, says Darryl

The cause?

Burst flexible water connections, flexi’s for short – and Failed Flexi’s Flood™!

Having served thousands of clients over 14years, Service Experts has witnessed the damage that burst flexible water connectors cause.

Most properties contain several sets of flexi-hoses under sinks, vanities, and connected to dishwashers and washing machines. All of these can cause major floods in a matter of seconds when they burst. To prevent major flooding and damage flexi hoses must be inspected at least every five years.

Early signs that old flexi-hoses are about to fail and cause flooding will be indicated by brown spots appearing along the flexi-hose and/or the hose being kinked and stretched. Brown spots that appearing along the flexi-hose are signs of rust and a warning sign that the hose will burst in a matter of time.


In the recent Channel 7 news segment, the reported mentions a strata building in Brisbane that had several units experience flooding and damage caused by these burst flexible hoses and had moved to have all flexible hoses checked and replaced throughout the building.

Service Experts has been documenting the damage caused by these burst flexible hoses for many years and educating and warning all customers of the potential dangers lurking behind toilets, under vanities, sinks, washing machines and taps.

To view these videos and more, visit Service Expert’s YouTube channel.

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Author: Tanya Simon
Company: Service Experts
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About Service Experts:

Darryl & Tanya Simon are the proud owners of Service Experts. Originally founded in 2002 as TDS Plumbing Services, Darryl & Tanya’s goal was to challenge the perception of the traditional “tradie” by delivering an exceptional experience to the customer.

Serving the Melbourne community since 2002 Service Experts helps home and business owners with a responsive and professional plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling solution allowing you to live and work in greater safety and comfort.

The power couple determined that they could better serve the company’s customer base by diversifying operations. Therefore, in 2016 they added electrical, heating and cooling to the business’ capabilities.

Darryl has been featured on Channel 7 News as a featured expert and Service Experts has been a finalist two years running in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards and received Gold, Silver and 5 Star Awards for Customer Service.

Tanya has been a nominee for Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award and hosted a podcast for other couples in business together.

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