Is A Neglected Sump Pump Putting Your Home At Risk?

Hidden away in the corner of your damp dark basement is a hole, and in this hole is often (and easily) forgotten. But buried in this hole is one of the most important devices in your home – your sump pump.

This device is designed to remove any water that makes its way into your basement from below the cement floor or even through your basement walls. These devices are a home’s main line of defense against flooding, but they are often forgotten by homeowners because of their hidden, “out of sight, out of mind” nature. Your sump pump needs a regular spot check just like any other motor in your home or car would, but I often see these devices forgotten until a major storm, flood, or water pipe break happens and people are left knee high in water. And by then, it’s too late.

The easiest and safest way to check this device is to fill a 5 gallon bucket or two (depending on the size of the hole) and pour them into the hole as quickly as possible, making sure it completely fills with water or the pump turns on and pumps the water out. If the pump successfully kicks on and removes the water you’re good to go, but if the water sits in the hole without being removed you need to have your sump pump looked at by a plumbing expert.

Author: Ted Puzio
Company: Southern Trust Home Services, Inc.

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Ted Puzio has been in the electrical industry for over three decades. In 1995, Ted migrated from New Jersey to southern Virginia with his two young sons and started his own electrical company, Southern State Electric. As a master electrician, he primarily focused on wiring new construction, commercial work and residential homes. Ted quickly redirected his business’ focus to servicing residential clients and implementing flat rate pricing, target advertising and many of the strategies and principles that the Service Roundtable teaches.

In 2011, Ted acquired his Master plumber’s license and developed a plumbing service department with one plumber. Within a year’s time the singular plumber was so overwhelmed with work; two additional plumbers were hired to keep up with the region’s demand for the quality service that his “Southern State of Mind” company branding had established.

In response to his clients’ expressed need for superior service for quality HVAC service, Ted again went back to school and received his Master HVAC and Gas fitters license. The evolution of Southern State Electric, Plumbing, and Heating/Air continued as he provided the services that his customers grew to expect and continue to remain loyal to today.

In 2015 Ted completely redesigned his company and Southern Trust Home services was born. His plans for 2017 is to have his middle son join the team and start a new bath remodel division.

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