Why You Need Surge Protection

The aging electrical grid that’s responsible for supplying power to the millions of homes in America can actually destroy them too. For it is a breeding ground for loose connections, faulty equipment, neglect, and power surges. Power surges are a sudden jolt of electricity and although they typically last only a split second they can wreak havoc on electrical systems. Think of them as a bolt of lightening shooting through the wires in your home. This typically burns up and shorts out every single thing that is connected to the electrical system at the time of the surge. This includes the wiring in your home, electrical panels, light fixtures, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, televisions, stereos, computers, timers, clocks, phones, etc. In fact most of the time all of these devices and appliances are destroyed. A typical surge can have a financial loss of tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, t his never happens on your day off. It’s always the day of your daughter’s high school graduation or the day you and the family are leaving for a family vacation. It’s also very hard to prove. Your utility company is going to deny responsibility. The event didn’t even last 1 second so you’ll never be able to prove to them that it happened. Your insurance policy may not cover it.

But guess what? It’s totally preventable and costs only a fraction of what you’d lose in a power surge.

What’s the solution?

Install whole house surge protection. Whole House surge protection devices are installed in your electrical panel and actually absorb all of the electricity surging back into your electrical system so that your appliances and electronics don’t have to. Surge protection should be installed by your professional home service company. Most surge protectors come with a $25,000 – $75,000 insurance guarantee as well. Don’t put your faith in the hands of your electrical utility company. Invest in whole house surge protection and enjoy total piece of mind.

Author: Brian Vardiman
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