Get More Life From Your Air Conditioner

5 Ways To Get More Life From Your Air Conditioner


You don’t wake up in the morning thinking “I want to replace my cooling and heating system”. For most of us, as long as it is cooling the home we don’t even think about it.

When DO we think about it? When it quits working!

Or when it doesn’t work as well as it use to. You also may be noticing a rise in your electric bill which could be an indication of the system working too hard to do the same job of cooling your home.

I wanted to share with your at least 5 things you should be doing to keep your cooling and heating system working at it’s best.

1 – Use a great filter and change it regularly on a schedule. There are numerous styles of filters to choose from and making the right decision is often not understood. Here is a link to another article we had published in Homeowners Newswire – The Filter Dilemma. This article will help you decide which filter may work best for your system and how often to replace your filter.

2 – Keep the area around your return air clear of any blockage. Your cooling and heating system relies heavily on proper airflow. If it gets restricted you can experience problems with proper operation of your system. For instance you cooling system could freeze up if not enough airflow is coming through the systems ductwork properly.

Sometimes we close off registers in room we are not using which can also restrict the flow of air through the system and potentially cause operational issue.

3 – Your outside unit gets the least attention. The outdoor unit requires airflow also to operate properly. Make sure there isn’t a pile of leaves or debris blocking this air on any part of the coil. Cutting the grass can throw clippings into the coil and block its ability to move the air into the side of the unit and out the top. I have seen a small branch lodge itself into the top of the unit and stop the fan from working so pay particular attention to this as well.

Some times we find that home owners plant bushes or place fencing around the outdoor unit so it looks pretty but this could cause airflow problems through the unit. It’s OK as long as the air is not blocked and flow freely.

4 – Take precaution not to frequently turn the thermostat up or down at a whim. Maintaining a constant temperature setting allows the unit to run normally. Most everyone in the home likes a slightly different temperature, like my lovely wife wants it cooler than I do. Of course, she gets her way 😊

Many thermostats are old ones that do not provide protection from the unit stopping and starting back up right away. If you have an old mercury thermostat (has the bulb with a liquid metal in it behind the cover) it is best to upgrade this to a modern digital one that comes with this protection.

5 – Finally, Have a professional inspect and clean your unit 2 times per year. Most good companies have membership plans that ensure your unit is kept clean and as worry free as possible. There are things they check that we as a homeowner cannot. They have been trained to identify small issues before they become big ones. Your unit can be operating and you could still have components that are operating out of range ready to cause a bigger problem.

Here is a link to another article that helps you understand what a proper service call should look like. I hope it helps you – Tips For A Proper Service Call.

Dirt is the #1 cause of many cooling and heating system breakdowns. Dirty filters, dirty coils, and dirty motors. Some we can clean ourselves, but others require a professional who is trained in the proper technics. It is not recommended that you open up the units yourself unless you have been trained in the trade.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that your home cooling and heating system has a lot of moving parts. Motors turning, relays clicking, freon moving through the system, and parts heating up and cooling down. No matter what you do it is possible something will fail. Your best defense is to follow these recommendations and rest easy knowing you have done all you could.




Author: Bill Fortner

Company: Blue Label Services



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