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Northern Services has been proudly installing, repairing and replacing sewer lines for our customers around the area for over 40 years. In the past, the most common way to replace a sewer line out into the street was to dig up the customer’s yard or worse, their landscaping, or driveway. Messy, expensive and an overall headache.

That’s why we’ve decided to invest in Trenchless Pipe Bursting technology for replacing underground sewer lines. This will limit the mess, expense of replacing landscaping and concrete and significantly cut down the time of replacement.

Lateral Pipe Bursting is where the pulling unit is typically set up at the house, in the basement or at the clean out, then connected to a hydraulic power source. The burst head or sometimes called a “bullet”, which is cone-shaped, is pulled through the existing pipe, bursting it and pulling in the new pipe simultaneously. The old pipe breaks as the new pipe is pushed through it and the fragments dissolve into the soil.

The best time to use pipe bursting is when your home has pipes that are cracked, leaking, damaged and causing a mess. Last summer, we saw a lot of backed up basement drains due to tree roots invading sewer pipes. The dry season we had caused trees to search for other sources of water and every crack in an underground pipe becomes a magnet for these roots. We also see a lot of old cast iron and Orangeburg pipes that are causing a lot of issues because of collapsing, cracking and crumbling.

According to the EPA, pipe bursting is most appropriate for pipes with an inside diameter range of 4″ to 24″.

When you have pipe bursting done for your home or business, here is the process that will take place:

1.  A Northern Services expert will use a specifically designed camera to video and record your sewer pipe. They will identify and locate the issues within the pipe. Our customers also get a recording of video via zip drive.
2.  After utilities are marked, two small entry and exit points will be dug near your foundation and property line. If necessary, an entry may be dug in the basement.
3.  New sewer pipes are fused together with a special machine above ground to ensure no breaks or tree roots causing problems with your sewer line in the future.
4.  A cable is fed through the old pipe to hook up to the bursting head and new pipe. It will then be pulled through the old pipe – bursting the old and installing the new at the same time.
5.  Once the new pipe is pulled through, the new pipe is connected to the city sewer or existing pipe. After connections are made and the pipe is completed, the entry and exit points are filled and compacted.

If you have slow or backed up drains in your basement, it may be time to consider an inspection to see where the issue(s) lie. Maybe pipe bursting is the solution for your home or business.

Facts about Pipe Bursting:


  • Minimizes property damage.
  • Reduces risk of damaging underground utilities and injury.
  • Increases flow of capacity by installing equal or larger diameter pipe.
  • Avoids excavation and replacement of yard landscaping, driveways and/or sidewalks.
  • No need to stop traffic.
  • Targets root intrusion and helps reduce erosion of pipes.
  • More than 1,000 ft of pull length can be used.
  • Most types of existing pipe materials (other than HPDE and some ductile iron and reinforced concrete) can be burst.
  • How long does pipe bursting last?

Northern Services guarantees their pipe bursting for 50 years.

What kind of pipe is used for Pipe Bursting?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are used to replace existing pipelines.

HDPE pipes are the safest and most efficient option for sewer replacement. HDPE is the same substance used in bottle caps, reusable water bottles, plastic lumber, patio furniture, etc. While HDPE products will stay in the landfills almost forever without decomposing, that issue is a major benefit for your underground pipes.

Can you pipe burst PVC Pipe?


Can you pipe burst concrete?

Yes, concrete pipe is one of the most common applications for pipe bursting.

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