Issues With Not Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

Did you know that dirty air ducts can trap dangerous substances and spread them throughout your home?

A recent study found indoor air pollution, which comes from all the bacteria, chemicals and fungi that exist in your home, can be more of a danger to human health than pollution outdoors.

If these substances get caught in your air ducts, they could be blown into every room. The dirtier your ducts are, the more likely harmful particles are to get stuck inside. If you don’t clean air ducts regularly, there could be serious consequences for your health.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues associated with not keeping your air ducts clean.



Viruses, bacteria and fungi are some of the most dangerous things that can infect the air in your home. If molecules get trapped in the air ducts, and we breathe them in, it can cause serious medical problems.

Not the least of which is a respiratory infection, which may lead to breathing problems and a host of other symptoms. If your home houses children, the elderly or anybody with a compromised immune system they could be most at risk.


The danger of dirty air ducts is that any time the heating or air conditioning is turned on, any number of substances in the system can be cycled into a room. By inhaling harmful things like bacteria, debris and chemicals through the nose, it might cause damage to the sinuses. This can lead to inflammation, which can lead to an infection.

Not only are sinus infections very painful, but if left untreated they may lead to more serious medical problems. Keeping air ducts clean reduces the chance of these substances spreading throughout your home.


For those who suffer from asthma attacks, dirty air ducts could be a problematic situation. Among the most common things to get trapped in air circulation systems are dust, mold and pollen. Exposure to any of these can spark asthma attacks.

One trick to see if the air in your home is triggering these events is to keep track of where they happen. If an asthma attack occurs more indoors more often than it does outdoors, it’s a sign that the air quality in your home is poor. The air ducts are also likely a contributing factor, and therefore may need to be cleaned.


Similar to asthma, exposure to dust, mold, and pollen can set off an allergic reaction. Attacks can be more powerful or last longer depending on how bad the air quality in your home is. Again, if you notice you’re suffering the symptoms of an allergic reaction more often while indoors, it’s an indication the ducts need to be cleaned.

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