Humidity Can Have A Detrimental Effect On Your Comfort

Larry & Sons knows that humidity can have a detrimental effect on your comfort and in severe cases, your health. One of the best ways to combat humidity in the home is by installing a dehumidifier. Keeping the right humidity in the house can really help maintain high levels of comfort. Whether you are in Martinsburg or Gettysburg, we are here to answer your questions when it comes to high humidity and dehumidifiers.

How High Humidity Can Cost You Money

When the humidity in a home gets too high, it can make your home too warm for the temperature your heating and air pump is set to. The higher the humidity, the harder it is to remove indoor heat that is trapped in the room. Your heating and air pump has to work harder to cool your home than if the humidity of the home was lower. While you are taxing your heat pump, this overuse is causing you to spend more money to cool than you would if the humidity levels were lower. Overusing a heating and air pump can also mean additional expenses replacing items and in more service calls. Getting a dehumidifier can help combat these costs.

High Humidity and Health Issues

Purchasing a dehumidifier can help you stay healthier and combat high humidity health issues. When humidity is over 50 percent, you have an increased risk of mold and dust mites. However, with a dehumidifier, the humidity is much less, well under 50 percent. This keeps mold and mites at bay and it will not aggravate allergies and asthma. There can be breathing issues even with those without allergies or asthma when the humidity is too high.

Choosing a Dehumidifier

There are some things you’ll need to think about prior to selecting a dehumidifier for your home. You will need to make sure you know the square footage of your home. A dehumidifier should be able to work with your heating and cooling system to get the right humidity, and to do that it needs to be right for your home’s square footage. Your dehumidifier selection is a choice between one bigger unit that ties into the duct work to help your home, or several units distributed around the rooms of your home. Your selection is up to you and your situation, however, our technicians can help you by providing answers to any questions you may have.

If you have any questions regarding high humidity or dehumidifiers, we at Larry & Sons are here to assist you. No question posed to us will go unanswered. We believe in our community being completely informed of their options. We want all residents of Martinsburg and Hanover to know complete comfort at a lesser price with the convenience of a dehumidifier. Give us a call, or come by an office today to talk with us about your concerns. We’re here to help.

Author: Eric Corbett
Company: Larry & Sons

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