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There comes a time when every home needs work. Some homeowners need to give a space a facelift. Some need multiple handyman projects crossed of a to-do list. And some have bigger projects that crisscross through multiple fields of expertise.

And all homeowners have their own set of reasons, whether it’s function, quality of life, or an upcoming sale.

Whatever the reason, we can all agree that these decisions have to be taken seriously. You want to retain or grow the value of your home. You want to be comfortable while you live there. And you want to feel good about the professional you decide to work with.

Whatever project you have in mind, you start by talking to professionals who are specialists in their areas of work. You also need enough free time to do all this research. And, if you think you need to hire multiple people to do the job, even more research goes into figuring out which companies to call.

When you do find the people you think are up to the challenge, you then have to be sure their separate schedules match with your overall plan. This in itself can be a challenge, and when you take into consideration those unforeseen events that always take place during a project, it’s not always a smart move to commit to acting as the coordinator between multiple specialists.

Instead of carrying all that weight on your shoulders, you can easily reach out to a single professional who can take care of all the details. Think of this professional like you would a wedding planner. One person can take care of even the smallest details while listening to your wishes and ideas. And you only have to explain those ideas and details to one person!

With greater knowledge in the field, a general contractor who does it all will also know the sub-contractors to reach out to if work does extend beyond the scope of their specialties. And often, these professionals will already have other specialists working for them. You definitely want access to that rolodex of proven sub-contractors to take care of everything to the single highest standard your home and family deserve.

If you’re still not convinced why it’s better to hire a general contractor to do it all, keep reading to learn about the biggest benefits this decision will bring.

  1. One contractor can take care of EVERYTHING related to projects in your home

The great thing about having one person in charge is that you only have to think about the changes you want to implement in your home (instead of acting as the project manager scheduling multiple jobs with multiple professionals). You can take notes on ideas, materials, colors, designs, function and repairs you have in mind and simply hand those notes off to your general contractor. It’s their job to think the project through and to implement everything you want—and in the best possible way. You won’t have the weight of scheduling everything or calculating the to-dos of every part of your project.

  1. General contractors are insured against unpredicted events

If you do try fixing something by yourself or coordinating with multiple specialists, and end up making a mess, sometimes the new problem can cause greater costs than the original project. But when you hire a single contractor to do all your work, you’re protected by the insurance, guarantees and warranties that contractor offers. And with one contractor instead of several, you won’t be stuck with any one specialist saying, “Not my problem.”

And here, we come back to that general contractor’s rolodex. Having access to a contractor’s vetted list of proven contractors gives you an additional assurance that every part of your project will be done right. Your general contractor is accountable for every part of work being done and will only bring in the best.

  1. Your overall plan will be better executed

Imagine it: you hire different people to do various tasks in your home, and everything is going great so far, until you decide that one or more jobs weren’t done as you had imagined. And now, you need changes.

Now let’s say that one of the sub-contractors agrees to change it. But others continue with their work without any investment in the bigger picture. This can ruin even the best projects because coordinating with multiple people to work in the same space is no small task. If the painter needs to get in a room just as the flooring guy finished putting in the new floor, you can see how costs skyrocket—and the amount of wasted time can increase costs even more.

  1. A general contractor has a bigger portfolio of experience

This benefit is one of the most important when looking at hiring a general contractor versus several.

What makes all professionals great at what they do is having plenty of experience. A general contractor has the right tools, resources, skill and know-how to make the biggest project a success. You can trust that your contractor will know how to coordinate everything, and you can expect a higher level of professionalism. After all, general contractors make their bread in knowing how all the pieces fit together. Their experience can provide much-needed insight into the most important decisions that have to be made. They know their way around materials, brand names, scheduling and techniques, and their knowledge will be the single most valuable factor in lowering your costs and achieving the quality that you desire. Since general contractors work across multiple fields for a living, they generally have access to higher-quality materials for lower prices, too.

But the number-one take-away: hiring a general contractor to think of all your priorities and manage the details means more easily achieving the end result you dream of living in.



Author: Bill Wilson

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