Four Essential HVAC Devices That Connect With Your Home

In today’s world, convenience comes at the snap (or swipe) of a finger. Being constantly connected has become the new way of life for many of us. We catch up with old friends through our phones. We have instant access to thousands of shows through our television. We can even view the contents of our refrigerators with the push of a button.

So, what about your home’s heating and cooling system? It is, after all, the piece of technology responsible for at least 60% of your power bill. Can it be controlled with the same level of convenience we expect from other devices? The answer is yes!

We now offer a product called the “Connected and Protected” option. This kit comes with 4 essential HVAC devices that connect through a central hub — keeping you in total control of your home system. Let’s take a look at what’s included below.

1. Smart Thermostat
With the touch of a few buttons, you can control your thermostat, set your system’s heating and cooling schedule, and create alerts to let you know if the temperature gets too hot or cold. The thermostat can even monitor the run time in your system, helping us identify small issues before they become expensive problems.

2. Water Sensor
Have you ever walked down to the basement, stepped in water, and realized you have a huge mess on your hands? If your water heater breaks, not only are you going to have to replace it, you’ll also have a possible insurance claim to deal with. This device can stop all of that from happening. It detects and alerts you to even the slightest water leak, letting you address the situation before it gets out of control.

3. Dry Contact Sensor
Here’s another possible wet and disastrous situation: let’s say you’re returning from a relaxing vacation. After a long drive home, you show up to wet sheetrock laying on the floor and the sound of dripping coming from the attic. This device gives you peace of mind when you’re away by alerting you when water is detected and allowing you to shut the system off remotely.

4. Carbon Monoxide Detector
The most important device on this list. Why? Because it has the ability to not only save your home but possibly your life. This detector connects with your thermostat for added security. If it detects Carbon Monoxide, it will automatically shut down your heating system to keep you and your family safe.


Keep Your Home Connected — And Protected
At Western Aire, we care about our customers. We’re always finding ways to look out for your health, safety, and comfort. That’s why we’re proud to offer this integrated home system that offers not only convenience but peace of mind as well. Call us today to get your FREE home evaluation and see how easy it is to get your home connected and protected!

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Author: J. Brent Forister

Company: Western Aire Heating and Cooling

Georgia native J. Brent Forister is a lifelong learner with a passion for family and helping others improve their quality of life. After graduating from Mercer University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Brent worked for some big names in the communications industry but chose to pursue a career in HVAC when he joined the family business. Brent began his HVAC career as an installation assistant working for his father-in-law and continued his skyward path by taking classes in design, sales and service. He learned the principles of the heating and cooling business from the ground up and has experience in many of the key roles within the company, including sales, designing HVAC systems and as a service technician. Now general manager, Brent has been running Western Aire since 2017. With the support of his extended family, Brent cheerfully leads his team in their mission to remain the best home service company in the Dallas, Georgia, area. Married for over 25 years, Brent and his wife Mitzi have three children and one grandchild. When Brent isn’t helping homeowners create safer, more comfortable homes, you’ll find him cheering on his children at their games and practices, working outside in the yard and occasionally watching baseball and football. An avid outdoorsman, Brent’s enthusiasm for the open air takes him riding on his UTV, camping, duck hunting, fishing, and enjoying a campfire..


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