Are You Poisoning Your Family?

That question may sound dramatic but that is exactly what most families are doing on a consistent basis.

Our intentions are great. We want to keep our children and spouses healthy and we even preach “stay hydrated”. However, if most people realized what was in the water we are drinking they would never drink tap water again. If your feeling better about serving bottled water think again, it is was one the most un-regulated business in the united states.

Just imagine you go to give your baby some clean healthy water but first you pull out an eye dropper and put in a couple drops of bleach, or poisons like fluoride, ammonia, or lead. Imagine you draw a nice clean bath for your baby but before you allow them in the tub you drop in a bottle cap of bleach day in and day out.

This is exactly why I wrote the book

“What you Breathe, What you Drink, And you eat is making you sick”

The premise is this, it’s sexy for our government to fix roads and build schools but our water treatment plants are literally falling apart and the under ground pipes are even in worse shape. In order to combat the failing systems our government allows more and more chemicals to be dumped into our water in hopes of cleaning it up. Yes, we not get dysentery but these chemicals are well known to cause many cancers and other diseases.

whole home water filtration is an absolute must for every home. As we collect data, water filtration will be in most new homes, simply because the information we have (remember water used to be delivered in lead pipes).

Without a doubt all homes should have whole home filtration installed and point of use filtration for faucets and water heaters. Also, remember to change the filter on your ice maker in the refrigerator.

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Author: Talbot Watkins III, President of Winstar Home Services and Best Selling Author
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