A Healthy Home Begins with Healthy Air

Did you know that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can affect your family’s health? It’s true! Airborne particles from dust, pets, pollen, smoke, exhaust, and other sources can often lead to eye, nose, and throat irritation. Odors and gases from cooking, painting, animals, and smoking can also cause eye, nose, throat, and lung irritation. Excess indoor humidity can cause mold to grow leading to dry skin or other health issues. That’s why maintaining optimal indoor air quality is important to the health and safety of your family! But how can you tell what’s really going on with your indoor air quality? Daikin, a leading manufacturer in home ecosystems, has the answer!

Monitoring your air quality in real-time
As part of the Daikin One ecosystem, the Daikin One home air monitor detects airborne particles and chemicals in the air stream that flows through your home’s duct system. Using particulate and gas phase sensors, including an optical particle counter, temperature, humidity, pressure, and VOC sensors, the monitor learns baseline air quality in your home over seven days. Then it provides a rolling seven-day average baseline.

When particle or chemical readings are spotted outside of the normal baseline, the monitor will detect the abnormality and send alerts to the Daikin One+ smart thermostat and your smartphone through wi-fi or Bluetooth.

Whether the monitor is detecting a problem or not, you’ll be able to visualize the estimated air quality in real-time directly on the Daikin One+ smart thermostat or through the smartphone app. When you can visualize your air quality and the rise and fall of pollutants, you’ll have a better understanding of what is happening to your air quality, and you’ll be able to find solutions to fix it.

So, you’ve received an air quality alert, now what?
With a built-in Air Intelligence system, that includes the Daikin One home air monitor together with the Daikin One line of heating, cooling and ventilation products, your HVAC system will automatically trigger the appropriate solution to modify the indoor air quality in your home and ensure the best possible air quality for your family. For example, if increased humidity is detected, whole-home dehumidification can be triggered, and if an increase in chemicals such as formaldehyde or carbon dioxide are detected, increased ventilation or purification can be triggered.

Indoor air quality and comfort concerns are not uncommon. The struggle most homeowners face is not knowing how to address these issues in the best way. If you’d like an intelligent home system that can sense harmful particles and chemicals in the air, then adjust to remove them, contact a Daikin One certified installer. When installed by a trusted Daikin professional, you can rest easy knowing your home will be able to maintain optimal air quality for your family.



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