8 Things To Know About Your Water Well System

After being in the water industry for over 20 years I have seen a lot and I want to share with all of you some important safety tips and facts to consider about your well water system.

1-You want to get your water tested for bacteria. There are two types of bacteria that are extremely important to get tested every year and that is E. coli Bacteria and Coliform Bacteria. Before you sell your home or buy a home these two tests must come back negative. You can have the water tested from your local health department or a state approved lab.

2-It is so important to chlorinate your well every year to eliminate bacteria that may be present in your water. You can also add vinegar which will lower the PH Levels and make the Chlorine work stronger to kill any potential bacteria that could arise. 

3-You should have a bug proof well cap on the top of your water well casing. This will eliminate any bee nests or spiders that may enter your water.

Some other types of inspections may include:

4- A well camera inspection can help inspect the well casing to see if there are any holes in the casing that may allow surface water contamination to enter the water well.

5- You want your well casing to be above ground level and 50 feet from a septic tank, 10 feet from your house and 5 feet from the driveway.

6- Get a proper inspection. Your water well system (such as your pumping system) should be inspected by a licensed pump installer.

7- You should know your GPM which is Gallons per Minute. This diagnosis will let you know how much your well is producing so you and your family have enough water to use on a regular basis, a good producing well is 10 GPM.

8- Last, but not least, the quality of your water is also very important with well water you see things like Hardness (Calcium or white spots) and Iron (Red Stains). Both have major problems when it comes to your plumbing in your house. High levels of hardness can cut down the water flow because of calcium building up in your pipes and high levels of Iron can create stains in your toilets and showers. When this occurs, you will need to get your water tested to see what kind of water filtration such as a softener or iron filter to remove this problem.

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