5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool, During the Hot Summer Months

The summer can be a fun time, and many people enjoy pools, beaches, and going on vacation during this season. However, the summer also tends to bring a lot of uncomfortable heat. This is especially true for people who live in warmer climates. Here are some tips to keep your home cool during the hot summer months!


When you know a heatwave is coming, you should turn your AC unit on a few days in advance. This can help you to get rid of the excess humidity and help your house to be cool in preparation for the heat. You should also have your AC unit get a precision tune-up from a professional. This can help to make sure that it is running properly. Also, your warranty can sometimes be voided if your unit breaks due to a lack of maintenance. This makes precision tune-ups even more important.

Further, a lot of pollen, dust, and dirt can get in your AC unit and force the machine to work harder. This extra work can cost you an extra 15 percent on your electric bill. A precision tune-up can help you fix this problem which can save you money, and make sure you will be all set for the heat wave.


Electric savings devices such as your electric provider’s that gives you a summer discounted price, may give you a slight increase in electricity savings, however, they will prevent optimum coolness during the hot summer weather. This is because they will prevent your AC units from running steadily through the hottest times of the day (noon – 8:00 pm). Electronic savings devices can reduce the run time of AC units up to 50 percent. This will result in your house being significantly warmer. Also, it causes the AC units to start and stop frequently, which is not recommended and can lead to damage. So, it may be best to turn off your electronic savings devices during the warmer months in order to stay cool.


Roughly 30 percent of excess heat comes from your windows in the summer. If you keep your blinds closed, then you can reduce the temperature in your home by up to 10-20 percent! This is especially true if you keep the blinds closed on your south and west facing windows. Keeping the blinds closed during the peak heat times of the day can be very helpful for coolness.


Only cooling certain areas of your home can help you to save energy costs. However, this means that you will have to seal those areas by keeping doors closed. You should also keep the windows closed because opening them, even on cooler nights, means letting in a lot of humidity. The air conditioner has to work extra hard when there is more humidity, and can only focus entirely on cooling after it removes the humidity.


The purpose of doing this is to bring cooler air off of the floor. Also, the air flow that can be generated from the fan can help to make you feel cooler. Using ceiling fans in the standard rotation sends warmer air down on you, rather than helping you feel the cooler effect of air coming off the floor. Make sur you only run the ceiling fan when you are in the room, as they do in fact generate a slight amount of heat. So, you should change the settings to optimize the cool feeling in your home.

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