Spring has Sprung in Kansas City

The weather may not feel like spring has sprung right now, but the season is upon us in Kansas City, MO; are you ready?

Less Mess, Less Stress, For Homeowners In Minnesota

Northern Services has been proudly installing, repairing and replacing sewer lines for our customers around the area for over 40 years.

The Ugly Truth about Main Lines in Kansas City

Nobody loves talking about their main line.  I mean really, it’s kind of gross, right?  Well, yes, it is, but you definitely do not want any of that in your home!  Unfortunately, it does happen, and this article will explain reasons why this happens and action items to take away from.

9 Tips to Protect Your Home From Freezing Temperatures in Juneau

We’ve put together 8 great tips (plus one bonus tip) to protect your home from freezing temperatures, no matter where you live in Alaska.

3 Main Causes of Septic Backups in Colorado

Your drain field is the last place that wastewater travels to on its journey through your septic system. Improper use of your drain field can lead to a backup. Below is a list of some ways your drain field should NOT be used.

Selling A House In Northern Colorado? Keep These Things In Mind.

It is no secret that the housing market in Fort Collins and surrounding areas is booming. Real estate in the Front Range is selling at premium prices. If you own a home or property in the Fort Collins, or surrounding communities, and you want to sell, you still might have a bit of prep work in front of you.

Fall in Kansas City, Missouri is…

Maintaining your homes comfort system is paramount to ensure your home is running at its peak performance as we head into the cooler weather.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Service Company

Not every problem has only one option.  You as the client want options and you want your service expert to go over them with you to make the best decision.